An experiment in writing in public, one page at a time, by S. Graham, I. Milligan, & S. Weingart

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2 general comments

  1. On this page, please feel free to leave us any general reflections on our process, our content, our aims, our shortcomings…. we appreciate all constructive feedback.

  2. I’m attempting to leave feedback to specific paragraphs and getting “ajax” errors, so I am going to leave a general comment and see if this works, and then attempt again to leave specific comments.

    The overall process I feel is a good start. I’m not able to be very critical since this is a very new area for me. Since personally I am among the generation that sees the value in the digital era I do not by any means try to  take away from some of the concerns that others would have regarding data overload. For me to personally experience authors presenting their work during the “in process” stage and opening up to an online “peer review” is a valuable way to cut down time and get instant feedback. So overall I like the process and I feel that it is very informational and not to technical for non-technical people.

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