An experiment in writing in public, one page at a time, by S. Graham, I. Milligan, & S. Weingart

The First Day

We launched this project in public on Monday. You might be interested to know what we’ve learned already about the potentials and perils of writing in public. First, some statistics. WordPress stats reports 367 views on Monday. Google analytics reports 139 unique visitors making 627 pageviews, and roughly 3 pages/visit. I don’t know how Google does the math, but that seems to be quite a good rate. We had 89 mentions and retweets on Twitter (according to NodeXL, searching for the url). Here’s a live search right now, which gives a sense of where we’re reaching. And now, for some more »

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Our writing workflow

How do you coordinate something as massive as a book project, between three authors across two countries? Writing is a bit like sausage making. I write this, thinking of Otto von Bismarck, but Wikipedia tells me: Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made. As quoted in University Chronicle. University of Michigan (27 March 1869) books.google.de, Daily Cleveland Herald (29 March 1869), McKean Miner (22 April 1869), and “Quote… Misquote” by Fred R. Shapiro in The New York Times (21 July 2008); similar remarks have long been attributed to Otto von Bismarck, more »

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Announcing our project to the world

We announced our project on July 24th, in the wake of the AHA’s statement on embargoing dissertations. Here are the texts of our announcements, each on our respective blogs: Shawn wrote: I’ve just signed a book contract today with Imperial College Press; it’s winging its way to London as I type. I’m writing the book with the fantastically talented Ian Milligan and Scott Weingart. (Indeed, I sometimes feel the weakest link – goodbye!). It seems strangely appropriate, given the twitter/blog furor over the AHA’s statement recommendation to graduate students that they embargo their dissertations online, for fear of harming their more »

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